Saturday, August 25, 2012

Thursday Regular Route Fun


Thursday means Regular Route as well!! Cans4Christ Canning President, Kates, and I decided to go around our neighborhood and clean up the area. There wasn't much liter, which is good and bad news. Good: our neighborhood is clean; Bad: there weren't many cans to collect! LOL!

We did get a bag of cans while out and about. Here's a pic of Kates coming out of the woods--I believe she found a can there! 
"Good eye, Kates! You are CANTASTIC:)"

We continued with our regular route once we finished on our bikes. We had a good time trying to find one of our new friend's houses--the week before, Tami and I forgot to write down the address due to the rain (click HERE for the post)! We also gained ANOTHER donation for our pick-ups!! This is AWESOME! 

Bags: 1 with all of our regular pick-ups
Miles: 2.09 on the bike; about 15 in the truck

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