Sunday, August 19, 2012

Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho


...It's off to the recycling center we go:)

This wasn't a small load!! We filled the entire back of the truck...
and put five more bags inside the cab because we ran out of room! 
This was not a good idea--it caused a bad odor to linger inside the truck! LOL!

On our way to the recycling center, we had a couple of casualties. We thought we had put the straps over/on the bags tightly....but the largest bag fell off on a BUSY road (not even a mile from our house!)!
We recovered the bag and made sure the straps were tight or so we thought! We continued on our trip, and on Highway 41 (another SUPER BUSY road) we lost ANOTHER bag!!! 
See that little black dot??? That's our bag! LOL!

We pulled off, retrieved the bag, and placed it inside the truck (to ensure it wouldn't fall off again!). While we were readjusting the straps and bags, a white van pulled up and asked us if we needed help. We told the driver no/thank you and what we were doing. He was excited about our efforts to share the good news! He also gave us several "tracks" about Jesus and our salvation. 

We decided at this point that we needed to drive under the speed limit!! It took us a lot longer to get to the center; however, everybody and every bag made it safely;)

During this drive/adventure, I actually texted the "Canning Crew" asking for guesses on how many pounds of cans we took in. Here are the guesses: 

Kates: 2 million.... just kidding, 200
Trav: 150
Me: 180
Jared: 10 :)

I couldn't believe it when we got the final count--just look at all those bags!!! 
TOTAL::: 230!!!!!! Praise the Lord:) **Looks like Kates wins!!! 


Katy Becker said...

Biggest load yet!! Nice job ! Thanks to all who donate!!

Tami said...


mom said...

That is a lot of cans! Wow! Great job!

JLamborn3 said...

Woot! Awesome!

Nice of you to sell out your hubby and his speeding, though. :P