Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Canning Canning Canning


I don't have very many pictures from tonight's collection....we were busy gathering cans and going around on our Monday Night route that I forgot to take pics! Canning canning canning--we are focused on one thing:)

After our route, the "canning crew" (consisting of Canning President Kates and Canning Princess Tami, along with myself) decided to pick up the cans from the C4C trailer at the church. Here's a picture of the overflowing trailer!!! 
**NOTE: Jared (Kates' husband) and Trav were inside the church for a media meeting while we emptied the trailer. We did it all by ourselves--well, the guys did meet us out there and helped a little bit:)

The truck was completely full of bags and cans!!! We dumped them in our front yard (probably not the greatest place to store them!). Here's the pile of cans-- these cans still need to be crushed, which means there should be a canning party soon! 
Sorry this pic is so dark--we "can" until the sun goes down:) 

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