Monday, August 13, 2012

Rain or Shine Again--LOTS of pics and fun


It was pretty sunny when we started our canning tonight! I started off by myself-- I headed out to give two of our neighbors some Thank You cards that the crew made {see THIS post for details}. While out on my bike, I saw a penny in the middle of the road! I definitely stopped because that is another way I collect for the First Alliance Church building campaign--if I see money on the ground (in the parking lot, on a sidewalk, in the middle of the road), I pick it up and save it for the building fund! 
This penny isn't worth much, but imagine how much it is worth when collected over 3 years!! 

Then, Canning Princess Tami and I headed out on our bikes trying to find new friends who would donate their cans on a weekly basis. We found SOOOO many new friends! At one stop we had a bit of fun and laugh because the plastic bag broke! 
And here's a picture of Tami getting a can I totally didn't see! I was on a mission and forgot to look for cans in the grass! LOL!
In the middle of our canning ride, Trav met up with us and gathered all the cans we already had collected. This was a HUGE help since we were running out of space on our bikes to carry these bags. 

I've said it before--but we always have fun while canning/biking! Tonight's fun happened when we met the cutest little pup, Lucy! She was lose and her owners were trying to get her back. I stopped my bike and grabbed her collar, but she wiggled out of it! So we followed her towards the busy road and called her back. I ended up grabbing her and carrying her back to her owner. He was thankful and even offered her to me:) I would have taken her home if I wasn't canning! I might have to stop back by and adopt her!! **NOTE:: I don't have a picture of this event! We were calling Lucy and laughing so much that we forgot! 

Right after that, I found ANOTHER full can!!! It looks empty, but it is full! Maybe this can can replace the one Olsen busted {read about that HERE}. 
All through our ride, we heard thunder, but the sky looked sunny and happy! Except for one cloud--it was grey. At one of our pick-ups, we saw lightening and heard bigger rolls of thunder---time to go HOME!! I thought we could make it home before anything started, but a half a mile away from our home, it started to POUR down huge rain drops, which felt like bullets or nails on our skin!
Not sure you can see the rain in this pic, but I took this as it started to rain. We could actually see it coming down before we started to get rained on! And there's a rainbow--right above the trees. 

Here's a pic of Tami and I in the garage waiting for the rain to let up! It didn't!

Miles: 7.12
Bags: at least 6!!! 

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Funny!! I love this blog!