Thursday, August 23, 2012

Our Excitement :)


Travis and I started Cans4Christ back in March (see our first post HERE). We have enjoyed writing about our journey as we collect cans for our church's building campaign.

We get SUPER excited when the following happens: 
  • When we find LOTS of cans on our biking adventures
  • When a friend/neighbor/family member says that we can collect their cans weekly
  • When we finish a "canning party"
  • When we get comments on our blog posts (it means someone is really reading about our adventures!)
  • and When we see the numbers of pageviews for our blog GROW!!!!! 
We see the following picture when we log on to our blog-- it's the blog overview. Basically it shows pageviews, top traffic sources, comments, and more stats. Look at how many pageviews we've had on August 10th!!!

77!!!!!! I wonder what that post was about--whatever it was, it must have been interesting:)

So THANK YOU so much for visiting our blog! We appreciate you letting us share our story and God's LOVE!!!!!!!  


Fiona said...

Hi there Sav and Trav :) I thought I would leave you a comment today - I have been enjoying following your adventures since I found out what you were doing last week. Keep up the excellent work - and I love reading your blog posts!

Angie Blom said...

You two are amazing!! Even Roger is following your great adventure in canning!!! Love your blogposts... If you ever need more come to Canada and get mine!!! Xx

JLamborn3 said...

Your posts are always fun.

Hint from one blogger to another: link back to the August 10th post. :)

Looking forward to making my next deposit at the C4C "bank."