Friday, August 10, 2012

Can Storage and a Party


Well, I think it's time we share where we store the bags of cans....
I'm a neat freak (I learned this from my dad, and we kept the house ultra clean [with lots of help from my mom when we were kids])! And for some unknown reason, I'm OK with having tons of bags in our yard/driveway. God is good:)

The bags you see are uncrushed. So a "crushing party" or "canning party" was definitely needed tonight! We crushed and then had a fabulous dinner and some YUMMY strawberry cupcakes (made by Kates). This party was extra special since it was a day before my birthday. SUPER fun night of canning, crushing, and partying! 
I'm laughing because Jared and Kates were singing the birthday song to me--something I'm not used to! Plus, Jared's version was a bit funny and off key! LOL!
I am so lucky--Jared and Kates are GREAT friends:) 

Miles: none... but....
Cans crushed: a MILLION!!!!!! (it felt like that! LOL!)

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Pat Schaefer said...

Thanks for all your hard work. You guys are wonderful.