Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Small Accident

8/4/12 continued

Do you remember THIS post where Trav talked about his collection of full cans that we had found out and about while canning? 

Well, in that post it says that he stores them in the garage on top of my teaching filing cabinet. 

This cabinet is pretty heavy (I've kept some of my teaching ideas/books/etc. just in case I ever need them again), and I usually hook Olsen to it when we are working in the garage or having a "canning/crushing party" (this way he is involved too!). 
Not such a good idea tonight! Olsen must have seen something and jerked towards it causing the entire cabinet to move about 5 inches. This move was just enough to make three of the FULL cans fall! Two fell into a trash can and one busted--spraying old beer EVERYWHERE! All over our new carpet, on the walls, in my water/refreshment!! It was the grossest smell ever! EVER!!!!!!!!

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JLamborn3 said...

Yuck. Warm old beer ... spewing every where. Makes one want to ... spew. Blah.