Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rain or Shine


I have to say that the Cans4Christ "canning crew" is pretty dedicated! Each member goes to extreme lengths to get cans in the woods, while biking, or even on our regular routes. This group will "can" RAIN OR SHINE!!!

And rain it did! Tonight we had thunderstorms and lightening!!! That's scary! I was only going to get the cans from some of our regulars....but the group ended up going on the entire route because Jared and Swisher (Kate/Jared's dog) had never been on our Monday route. It was definitely a fun time with three adults and a medium sized dog in a Jeep Liberty that was full of cans and bins from a previous pick-up-- all of this in the downpour!! 
Doesn't it look like they are having fun?? If you look closely behind Jared's head, the cans in the back almost hit the ceiling of the vehicle!! 

Newest "canning crew" member: Swisher 

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