Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Territory With LOTS of Treasure


We are at it again---biking and canning! Kates and I decided to hit some new territory before we collected from our Thursday regular route. 

This new territory was a HUGE success! We traveled down one street and found so many cans alongside the road. Our first large collection, our treasure, was found in this wooded area. We saw a can, stopped, and I yelled out our "canning motto catchphrase": Where there is one can.....there are ________ more! **Fill in the blank with how many more cans there are:) In this spot--we found 29 +1 cans! So a total of 30!!! We also found a mattress and a shoe. Unfortunately, we can't recycle those:)
You can see several cans just laying there in this wooded area!! SUPER treasure:)
 Our second large collection was found near a culvert. We saw some white bags in some overgrown plants--this is when I told Kates about how Trav and I found 63 in some trash bags once (click HERE for that post). I also told her about how I dance in the street if we find large numbers like that:) We tore through the bags and found 59 +2 cans!!! A total of 61 cans! HOOOOOOORAY!
Here's a pic of the white trash bags--you never know what you'll find, but it's worth looking;)

We also found a vacuum and Christmas tree near a trash can on this one street! There's always something fun happening on our rides! 
After an hour on this street, we agreeed to head home (plus, we ran out of bags!!). On our way home, we found another friend that has given us permission to collect weekly!!! We also found a yellow broom (that almost looks brand new!)!!! This is our new C4C trailer broom (our other one broke--read about this broom HERE). SOOOOOOO exciting!  Again--we always find something fun and have a blast while canning/riding!

Miles: 10.37
Bags: 5 and a broom

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