Monday, August 20, 2012

Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho

8/11/12 continued

It's off to the recycling center we go....AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

We weren't done with our trip to the recycling center! We had only recycled the cans and bags that were stored at our house. The Cans4Christ trailer had not been unloaded that week!
I was extremely excited about visiting the trailer because it would be the first time we used our NEW broom {see THIS post for details}!! 
My excitement quickly faded and turned to fear-- I felt something on my leg, and when I saw this little critter, I screamed! 
We loaded everything up and headed back to the recycling center. 
No bags or cans were lost during this trip!
Total for this trip: 38 pounds!!!!!!!! 
Total recycled on 8/11: 268 pounds!!! HOOOOOOOORAY! 

Thank you to all who have helped collect and donate cans for Cans4Christ!!! 

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