Saturday, November 17, 2012

AGAIN and Some Interruptions {part1}


It's time to take the cans in AGAIN!!! 
We loaded up the cans with all of the smaller white bags on the bottom and then the larger black bags on top--this was another new idea/suggestion...and I think it worked:) 
We had way too many bags AGAIN and had to use twine to tie them in-- AGAIN! Love when this happens because it means we will be lots more to give to Cans4Christ and our church building fund! 
As we were finishing loading up, I received a call that my orthotics arrived, and if we were available, we could stop by the doctor's office today. Of course I wanted to stop there... I just needed to ask Trav if it was ok to detour our trip! Our recycling center excursion was interrupted by a visit to the doctors:) HOOOOOOORAY! 
Trav took these photos while we waited and talked with Dr. R. I'm sooooo excited!!
After my doctor's visit, we headed straight to the recycling center--back to work!! We unloaded and were surprised at just how many pounds we had collected! It was a great day all around:) 
Total pounds recycled today: 162--- HOOOOORAY! That's A LOT!!! 

Total pounds recycled for C4C as of 10/26: 1,934 pounds!!!!!

That's amazing!! Keep turning in your cans! And keep sending in your random metals too!!! 

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