Sunday, November 25, 2012

Canning, 5K, and a Concert


This has been a BUSY day! **NOTE: This post has TONS of pictures:)

The festivities actually started last night at our church-- Seventh Day Slumber came to do a quick concert at Celebrate Recovery. SOOOOO fun! I even got to meet them and get a pic! I told them that if they needed a female singer to call me;) 
So this morning was FAC's Run For A Reason 5k. I signed up and was going to go at the regular time with Olsen (who walked it with me last year)...but I got a text from the Canning President Kates at 5:30am!!! She had a BRILLIANT idea-- putting C4C flyers in the participants' goodie bags! LOVE it! **NOTE: That's why she's the President! So we got dressed and headed off to church an hour before we actually had to be there! 

We made 200 copies and highlighted our website/email on each flyer. 
Then we stuffed each bag (with the help of several friends)!
Finally the race started! It was FREEZING out {good thing Kates helped make some scarves/head wraps with me- read about it HERE!}. 
We began our walk with our other friends, The Nunez family and their mom, Tina. Kates was so good with the kids! She would explain to them where we would find the most cans (on the corners and in the woods), as well as what to look for. The group found our first can only a short way in on the 5k! 
We continued our walk but quickly ended up in last place with only one child! Everyone else was WAY ahead of us. The oldest Reese child found several more cans for us! 
A little ways into the 5k, some of the kids that we started out with, ended right back up with us! LOL! They were slowing down:) So the oldest Reese child told the other kids all about canning! **NOTE: She literally was quoting everything Kates told her! LOVE it!!! It was fun canning with this group of kids- we had TONS of fun! Here are some pics of us messing around. 
The oldest Reese child said to go "up" because the sign was pointing up for the 5k (it means to go straight but she didn't know). So Kates jumped up! And then all the other kids joined in the fun! LOL! 
Right after our "fun jump", the cop that was following the 5k participants drove up to us and asked the kids if they wanted to "race". This was code for HURRY UP! So we all ran trying to catch up to our original group of walkers.  
The next can was crushed by the oldest Nunez child.
After an hour, we finished our 5k!!! I was DEAD LAST (just like last year!)!!!! But I have to say that I had the MOST fun! It was a blast hanging with this group and canning! We found a total of 6 cans!! HOOOOOORAY:) 

Kates and I went home but it wasn't long before the Canning Crew was back together! Around 2pm, Kates, Tami, Trav, and I headed to the Charlotte Sports Park for the FAC's Freedom Fest (a huge concert!!)! We signed up to be "ushers" and volunteers for this event. The concert didn't start until 6/6:30pm but we had to be there early to get our shirts and assignments. We arrived at the time given to us only to find out we had an hour to spare before the big meeting. So what did we do???? We set up our chairs/blankets and then played some ultimate frisbee! 
We even did some "crab" dancing on the field!!! LOVE it!
After our meeting, we continued the frisbee game. But not for long (yes, we were asked to stop our game!). 

We sat down to enjoy some sound checks and friendship/fellowship. 
Jared joined the group after work--we saved him a good seat:)
The concert was AWESOME! It might have been cold out, but we had a GREAT time dancing and giggling! 

I just couldn't stop "crab" dancing! 
Needless to say, I went to bed immediately when I got home! Good thing we did because we had to get up early to sing the next day! LOL! 

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