Friday, November 23, 2012

Big Finds and a Fun Ride


Another "crisp canning" day (see THIS post for the Canning Crew member who gave me this fabulous saying to use for C4C posts).... and we cannot let it go to waste! So Trav and I suited up and went for a bike ride. 

We didn't get more than 0.37 miles from our house and we found 45 cans!!! In one spot! I saw one or two and when Trav went to investigate....he found WAY more! 
Not only did we get 45 cans...but we got LOTS of sand spurs/burs! **NOTE:: Trav laughs at me because I've always called these little prickly things SAND BURS. He says it's SAND SPURS. Either way--they HURT! 
This pic shows different prickly things that get attached to our clothes, shoes, etc. 
You can see several sand spurs/burs on my pants in this pic--OUCH! 

We decided to leave our large bag of 45 crushed cans hidden under a tree/branch while we finished our ride. Although these cans are crushed and empty, they are still very heavy to carry on the bike! And I only have so much room in my front basket:) 

We continued around our neighborhood finding some here and some there. And then we came across a nice man who complimented us on our efforts. We told him about C4C and what we do, and the next thing we know he is giving us cans he's collected up/down his street! We gave him a flyer and asked him to email us when he gets a full bin of cans!!

We continued down the street and Trav and I took turns taking pics of each other. 
***NOTE: I told Trav that I wanted to put my picture on the blog and ask if anyone notices a "spring in my step". He replied, "You're not walking in the picture!" DUH! I wanted to see if anyone could tell I had my orthotics in:) LOL! But of course, you can't....but now you know since I told you! LOL!
***NOTE: Yes, I'm wearing a scarf! It was CRISP out:)

We continued our ride past the home of one of our Pastors. And right across from his house was a BOX of cans! We found 16 in this spot!! And TONS of ants! 
When Trav and I decide to head back to our house, we tend to take the same route because we can ride as fast as we want since we've already searched for cans. Well, when we turned around on this ride, we noticed that there were NEW cans alongside the road! Can you believe that??? Between the time of us riding by and turning around, someone had already thrown a can out of their vehicle (or dropped it as they walked down the sidewalk)!!! 
Before we finished our ride, we had to find and collect our hidden bag of cans! Can you see the bag in the pic below???
It was behind that big leaf/branch!! 

Miles: 5.53
Injuries: only scratches and itches from sand spurs/burs :}
Bags: three

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