Friday, November 16, 2012

Once You Go On A Bike Ride....


... You want to go all the time! Trav and I wanted to go for another ride today since it was a "crisp canning morning" {click HERE to see who gave me this description of the weather! LOL!}.

We went less than 100 yards...not even past the empty lot next to us...and we found a can:)
Our bike ride took us to a nearby street that we had visited before. We went almost a mile and a half before we found another can. We actually found quite a few at this spot! Jackpot:)
We went a little further and found some more cans.
It seemed like we didn't find a lot of cans on our trip today--but we actually found LOTS of cans! We had almost three bags full! It really adds up--even if you just find three or four at a time! LOVE it! 
Miles: 4.49
Bags: two and a half

And of course....we took Olsen for a little run after our ride:) 

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