Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bike Ride Anyone???


The weather was so nice out today that we just had to go for a quick ride. Trav and I both found cans and snapped some shots of each other! 
Trav wasn't very close for my pic--I decided to go "off road" and search some wooded areas:) 

***NOTE to followers: Kates and her bother are making fun of me as I type this post. They said I should say.... "It was a CRISP canning morning" or "It's a CAN CRUSHING kind of day". LOL! These are great suggestions but not for this post:) 

After our quick ride around our neighborhood, we took Olsen out for a run. He enjoys going for runs and usually takes Trav for a ride. Here's a pic of him when we first started (when Olsen had the most energy!)--I think Trav said that Olsen was running around 13 mph. ***NOTE::: Olsen is pulling Trav on a bike at 13 mph--that's FAST!
I finally caught up to them and snapped this pic! LOL! 

And here's a video of Olsen near the end of our trip. He is just toooooo cute when he runs! I love how his ears flop and how his legs/body are crooked as he runs.... OH MY! 
Now we need to try and get Olsen to find cans or pick them up while on a run/bike ride:) 
I had to take two photos because Olsen wasn't interested in staying still. 

Miles: 4.82 (3.82 together and then about a mile with Olsen)
Bags: one

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