Tuesday, November 13, 2012

PRO Canners


We scheduled a dinner with our friends The Neff's tonight and totally forgot that we had canning to do! So right after dinner Jarred came with us for our Thursday night regular route (this was his second time canning---the first time was HERE on the bikes). 

Jarred is a canning natural! He got right in there and gathered cans like he'd been doing this for YEARS:)  
The canning crew was quite large today-- Trav, Kates, Jarred, and myself. Trav got this picture of the three of us gathering cans at a new stop on our route. 
And the very next second, the owner came out and started talking to us! I was def. caught off guard (which you can see in this pic)!!! Kates and Jarred just kept going--again...PRO Canners! 
***Sometimes we have only meet the neighbors and friends that allow us to collect cans once or twice. I love getting to meet, talk, and get to know them more!! Sometimes we even get to share the Word with them!! 

Tonight was SUPER fun--- dinner and canning with friends. Doesn't get any better than this:) <3

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