Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Amendment To Yesterday's Post

9/27/12 continued

Yesterday's post said that it was a "great day all around" {click HERE to read about it}. And it was a fun ride and great day....except we had a small injury while biking/canning. 

The GOOD NEWS is that Trav and I were not injured during our trip. So who/what was injured??? 

My bike fell over when we stopped to get a can that was stuck in some high weeds. Sometimes I forget that my bike is "front" heavy. I thought I had propped it up good enough, but as soon as I turned around to find the can, I heard the horrible noise of the bike wheel moving. I quickly looked back and in slow-motion my bike fell over. 
This is the third or fourth time my basket has been damaged from my bike falling over :( 

Thank goodness I have a handy husband! He said it would be ok and that he would fix it when we got home. Until then, I had to ride with my basket crooked and banged up. 
AMENDMENT--- We had a great ride and collection today, except for when my bike fell over. Luckily, Trav was able to fix it quickly:} 
Miles: 9.86
Bags: 1

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