Saturday, October 13, 2012

Crushing Party and a New Friend

9/26/12 continued

CANNING PARTY day!!!!!!!!!!! We had quite the collection of cans this week, and it was time we had a party. 

Canning King, Jared, and Canning President, Kates, came over for crushing tonight. We were a bit rusty on our technique but it didn't take long before we got back in the swing of things;) We were also missing Trav since he had to it took a bit longer to crush. 
Olsen was even helping--he is such a good boy:)

We were halfway through the crushing when it started to rain. We ended up stopping and starting dinner (a regular event after a crushing). We also moved from our house to Jared/Kates' house for dinner because they had a new little friend to show us (more details below)! Dinner was AMAZING!!! Great food and dessert!  

Since we finished dinner a few minutes before Trav got off work, we decided to rest and play a bit of bible trivia. OH MY! This was super fun! Kates was in the lead with 5 points, then Jared with 3, and I had -1/2 point (I didn't get any think I need to talk to Jared/Kates about this!). 
And the best part was when Trav came over to join in the fun. He was greeted by our new little friend, Matti! Jared/Kates adopted this little pup on Tuesday this week. I can't wait for Swisher and Matti to join in the Crushing Party madness! 
Matti is just the CUTEST! She climbs all over you and loves to give kisses! She also plays well with Swishie:) Now we just need Olsen to meet his new girlfriend!

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