Friday, October 12, 2012

Toe Updates


Just wanted to update you on my toe {read about it HERE}.... it still hurts and itches! But I'm doing much better:) 
See?? There are scratches all over my big toe and on some of the other ones! I really was hurt! 

Although my toe is in this condition, I will be joining the team for the crushing party this week! LOL! And YES I learned my lesson--do not wear flip-flops while canning:}

And Tami's toe is doing much better too {read about her HERE}!! She did re-injured the toe when it got caught on her comforter. We can expect her to be back in the saddle soon too:)
Picture sent from Tami's phone--she didn't know why I wanted a pic of her toe! LOL! For the blog, of course;)

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