Sunday, October 21, 2012

Recycling Day part1


Trav and I have a busy day for Cans4Christ today--first we are picking up our Friday morning regular routes, bagging, and heading to the recycling center. 

We had several bags and aluminum to take in {read about it HERE}. We loaded up after bagging our route collection. And look at how full our truck bed is!!!!!
I get scared when Trav does this--I don't want him to get hurt trying to secure the bags in. 

This load made me excited about our guessing game, so I quickly texted the Canning Crew members for amounts. The prize this time: potato skins (they were a HIT at the crushing party)!!!! Here's what I recorded: 

Jared: 10 85 total (I had him down for 10 since that's his fav number, but he texted back with a higher number!)
Trav: 117 first load {I actually had to course him to play along. He said he wasn't playing because he didn't get a text from me. The reason was because he was DRIVING! LOL!}
Sav: 134 first load
Kates: 185 total
Tami: 86 total
We've been visiting the recycling center for awhile now, and the workers know who we are:) It's fun because they are a part of C4C too (they just don't know it!)!!! This time I handed out our C4C flyers and let them know exactly what we are doing with our collection. They really liked the idea, but I think they liked the idea of being on our blog more:) LOL! 

Total pounds recycled today: 138
Total pounds recycled for C4C as of 9/28: 1,515 pounds!!!!! 
Winner for first round: SAV!!! But I don't really count- LOL! 

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