Monday, October 22, 2012

Recycling Day part2

9/28/12 continued

Yesterday's post {HERE} was our first load for the day. WOW! 138 pounds recycled!! This gave us a recycling "high", and we headed back to the church to collect from the Cans4Christ trailer. 

Upon driving up to the trailer, we saw 5 HUGE HUGE HUGE bags full of cans!! Our excitement level grew about 25%!
Then we opened the trailer.....50% more excited!!! Look at how full the C4C trailer is!!! HOOOOOOORAY! 
Normally we drive to the FAC office to check their can bin. We drove over there and found two friends who wanted to join in the guessing game. **I think they only wanted to play along with us because of the potato skins! LOL! 

Here are the guesses again with the new players amounts: 
Jared: 85
Trav: 117 first round; 86 second round
Sav: 134 first round *winner*; 80 second round
Kates: 185 {Her comment on text was "Fingers crossed for an extra skin!"}
Ken Hall: 85 second round
Tony Huffer: 167 total

I was shocked at how little this load ended up being, but the total amount of cans recycled for this round was more than I thought. So overall, GOOD day:)

Total pounds recycled today (second round): 70
Total pounds recycled for C4C as of 9/28: 1,585 pounds!!!!! 

Total pounds recycled today 9/28: 208
Winner of the potato skins: Trav!! But we don't really count- so we crowned KATES as the winner!!!!!!! Thanks to all who played along!!!! 

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