Friday, October 5, 2012

Another Successful Idea :)


Last night was a busy night and we missed our Thursday Regular Route (the girls couldn't do it, and Trav and I were at worship practice). So I decided to go around today by myself to see if I could gather up some cans/bags.

I didn't do too bad with my collection; I was able to go to all but four houses and grab their cans before the recycling truck came by. 

Since I've been collecting by myself, I've devised a new way of bagging cans. Normally, we have someone hold a bag and two of us (or sometimes one) will throw the cans in. As a single canner, I use a rubbermaid tub to hold the bag while I dump in cans. Dumping is much faster (both alone and when with company!).
LOVE it! This makes canning alone a bit easier! **NOTE:: This is the second time I've come up with an idea and succeeded! Read about my other ideas HERE! I'm not really keeping's just for fun:) And actually, I've had some doozies for when these ideas's a definitely a good thing!

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