Friday, October 19, 2012

Olsen Canning


Trav and I were by ourselves today for Friday morning we decided to take Olsen with us.

He gets SUPER excited when he rides in the truck! I thought it would be funny to try and get a video of his excitement. HUGE failure--he wasn't cooperating! He was a bit too excited and I had to rerecord, which caused his excitement to not really show in the video. 

When he is excited or knows he gets to go for a "ride", he runs from the front door to the living room super fast several times. It's the funniest! His face gets all windblown and he has one mission-- to run fast back and forth until he gets in the truck. LOL! 

Here's the second video of Olsen Canning. I'm going to try and get a better video of him someday:}

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