Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Calling All Friends {again!}!!!!

In case you forgot to send your pics in...or in case you are a bit shy....WE STILL WANT YOU!!!!!!!!!! 

Do you collect cans? Do you follow the Cans4Christ's blog? Do you attend First Alliance Church in Port Charlotte, FL? 

Then we want YOU!!!!!!
We would love to feature you and your family on our blog! 

Travis and I {and the entire "Canning Crew"} love sharing our pictures of our adventures collecting cans and biking. But we think this blog is more then just about us-- you help us collect too!! 

So take some pictures of your family or yourself collecting cans, crushing cans, or dropping off cans at the C4C trailer and send them to {Cans4Christ at gmail dot com}. 
**Please include: names of all people in the picture, explain what you were doing and how much fun it was, and your email address.

I cannot wait to see all of your pictures! This is OUR blog--so start sending in your photos!!! 

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