Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Reacquainted with Monday Route and Another Injury


You would think that Monday Regular Routes would be like a 'regular routine'.... maybe for me, but this Monday, TRAV was able to join in the fun!!!! HOOOOOOORAY! Since he had been gone for so long, Trav really needed to be "reacquainted' with the entire route and ways of doing Monday Night canning. His role for tonight was "Canning Driver". 
Here's Trav making faces while driving around. He wasn't mad....just being silly!

Canning President Kates and I decided that our roles tonight would be to collect and gather cans. That sounds simple! But we had another run in with the locks {read about it HERE}!!  Trav forgot to unlock the doors and let Kates out! Definite funny moments when I would get out ready to collect and Kates was missing or waving from the truck window! And to top that, Trav said we go too slow on Monday nights...so he decided that he would time us! I like to take my time to make sure I've collected all the cans in the bins... well not when you are being timed! LOL! **Note:: Trav only timed us on the first house because it was too much effort and he couldn't keep track! LOL

Trav also decided to drive away from one of our houses while I was still collecting cans!! The story goes like this: Kates and Trav were in the truck talking about our route while I went to go collect the bags of cans at one of our houses. Kates mentioned that I usually honk the horn as we drive away. So Trav decided to try this-- without me! 
We had a great regular route! Trav did a great job of driving us around (a bit fast so we missed several bins of cans)...and he even got out to get cans when we would spot them from the truck! 
This stop had me giggling because I didn't think he would go into the woods...but he did!

And then it happened....I decided to jump out and get a can (which turned into three cans--Cans4Christ catchphrase again! Read about our catchphrase HERE!). I was excited about my multiple find that I didn't realize I had been injured! Trav pulled away on the road, and I started to feel a pain in my big toe (left side--my right big toe is already numb currently). I must have been scratched by a brier. I used a Clorox wipe to get the blood off and continued with the route....only to find that when we dropped Kates off, my toe had bled out all over my shoe! Kates and Trav were making fun of me, but it really hurt! And it still hurts! I probably shouldn't have worn flip-flops while canning. NOTE TO SELF for next time! 

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Tami said...

Funny, "Kates" got locked in the backseat!